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New Energy Indonesia

Powering the Future! Transforming Energy Together!
Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)Google map
‪10:00-17:00 04 Jun. 2024 - 07 Jun. 2024‪
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About the expo

New Energy Indonesia --- ASEAN's largest Electric Power exhibition takes place in South East Asia's most dynamic market

New Energy Indonesia is one of the largest engry series proudct trade fairs among ASEAN countries. It aims to help Chinese power energy companies expand their business in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
“New Energy Indonesia” has become a platform for cables, wires, fiber optics, solar converters, relays, energy storage, circuit boards, power cabinets, sockets, communication towers.This provides efficient face-to-face communication opportunities for domestic and foreign consumer electronics industries, provides an ideal platform and opportunity for brand promotion, and is conducive to the establishment of partnerships between Chinese companies in ASEAN.

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1. Learn about the latest technologies and products: This exhibition has top suppliers from China, which will display the latest new energy technologies and products, and you can learn about the future development and trends of this industry

2. Open up new supply channels and markets: This exhibition brings together professionals and companies from China and all over the world, providing opportunities for your development in the Indonesian market.

3. Obtain market information and competitive intelligence: Participating in this exhibition can help you understand market dynamics, competition and other industry information, and help you better formulate market strategies and plans.

4. Establishing business relationships and partnerships: This exhibition is an excellent platform for establishing business and partnerships, suppliers can establish contacts with potential partners and customers, and explore possible business opportunities and ways of cooperation.

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